About Greg

I’m new to blogging but I think I’m enjoying it especially if I share something valuable to those who share the same interests with me. I know a lot of people around have Facebook or Twitter, or even both with a long many other social media connections. Me, on the other hand is somewhat a loner…until now. I’ve been hiding myself away from social media and socializing with other people either online or at the neighborhood.

I’ve been suffering from one of the most embarrassing conditions in men, penile curvature. Besides it’s not good to look at and has a boomerang-like shape, it’s painful from time to time especially during erections. Sadly, I can’t have a normal intercourse with my partner/wife. Fortunate I am I have her always on my side supporting on what I want to do and fix the issue.

The good news, right now… I have the face to face the world with confidence and pride. I have…well, I can say almost overcome the issue of penile curvature through a traction device, which I’m going to introduce later in this blog. Particularly, I’m using a SizeGenetics extender device, which was recommended by a friend of mine. He uses it(to these days, for years) to gain penile length and girth. For me, however, I use it primarily to straighten the curvature.

Yes, I consulted the issue with a Urologist and he in fact recommended a traction device also, but mentioned to me…it’s a slow process and might not be effective. However, I believed what my friend say to me because he too has a slight curvature years ago(5 or 6 years, I think), but now it’s fixed completely with additional gains in length and girth.

So, I gave it a green light and tried it. It was somewhat frustrating right from the start especially if you’re using for 2 to 3 weeks and got no results. However, with continuous usage with persistence, consistency and patience, it did delivered the results after over 3 months of used. The results were not phenomenal but slow process is in continuous process. Positive progression is noticeable and I’m in my 6th month of usage, and I can tell the difference between now and before I used SizeGenetics traction device.

If you want to learn more while I’m still in the process of creating the contents for this blog in connection to SizeGenetics, you can visit Estetisk.Net for more details. Hopefully, it will be of great help to those who are in need of it.


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